Turn any image off your phone into custom metal art.



Specializing in turning your memories into art.

Just grab your phone and go shoot.

We all have hundreds of images on our smartphones that just get posted on social media and then forgotten about. This is where I come in and turn any image you've ever taken off your phone or camera into custom high definition metal art. I specialize in resizing and perfecting the image and guarantee you will be stoked! All you have to do is email the image (if the option comes up after sending please  choose "actual size"  so i get the full resolution) to TKONA89@GMAIL.COM along with the size and i'll get back to you with cropping and other information. 

Image is brought to life by using a dye sublimation process and is scratch resistant, doesn't fade up to 80 years and is the only product that is more vibrant  then you would see compared to your full resolution phone or computer. 

My Background

I was born in Hawaii, raised in Florida, and now residing in Southern California.  My main passions in life are surfing and photography. I've traveled around the world surfing and didn't realize it then, but my eye for photography was slowly emerging. While living in California, a life changing event happened where  I was run over by a car which left me with over 20 broken bones and several surgeries. I would have never realized then but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. In the healing time I couldn't  surf or do much of anything for that matter. I stumbled upon  a camera  thanks to my interest building from  spending time with  my good friend  Cory Patterson who is a fellow photographer. Hanging out and  traveling, while learning tips and tricks from him is  when I realized my true love for photography and where a  new passion  emerged. Now I'm here to share my love for photography and art with all of you. Hope you all  enjoy and  will get  inspired.

Always move forward.



Every image you see on my page is available for purchase.  Feel free to contact me via email or phone for a custom large print  or art work of your liking. 

11”x14” presented on metal in black and white 

my present

I express my love for art and photography in many ways. Along my travels I've been to some of the most beautiful locations and have seen even more beautiful images. Now I'm  here to share what I've  captured and seen through my eyes and turning it  into art. From your average 8x10 prints to as large as your wall has area to cover. Some of my favorites  are metallic art, and creating my own frames and presentation using sealers and art resin. I'm currently in Southern California but travel to different locations monthly creating new images and art.  I'm learning new framing and sealer specialties so check back often to see what's new.  My passion for the ocean will never fade. You can catch me in the water surfing  or on the land skateboarding. See you out there.   


what I offer

Through my prints and art, I invite you to bring bits of my stories into your life and home. Every photo captured has certain meaning to me which I'd love share with you.  Every image is available to customize into what you love most. However, it is limited so that I don't saturate that image. Every month I will be adding new images from my favorite collections and most popular.  If you're interested in a certain image that you want to design yourself just scroll down to the bottom of my page for my contact info. Every print is limited so you have your own unique art and part of my story thats special to me and now entering a new story. If you sign up for updates, you will get notified about new prints, art sales, and shows. I'm also available for hire for  photography and cinematography in Southern California or which ever location I'm in at the time. Please contact me in advance to book. 



The Gardens on El Paseo, 73545 El Paseo, Palm Desert, California 92260, United States


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